Hi, I’m Henry, a Programmer :computer:, a Data Visualiser :bar_chart:, a Photographer :camera: and an Entrepreneur :department_store:.

I feel comfortable collaborating in multicultural and diverse-background 🌏 environments, with plethora of skills I’m able to complete everything that’s being tasked to me.


Company Country Title Year
Swansea University UK 🇬🇧 Software Developer Nov 2017 - Present
Swansea University UK 🇬🇧 Software Developer Intern Jun 2017 - Sep 2017
LeEco China 🇨🇳 Java Developer Intern Apr 2015 – July 2015
TiViCloud China 🇨🇳 Java Developer Intern Sep 2014 – Oct 2014
Singapore Land Authority Singapore 🇸🇬 Geospatial Intern June 2014 – Sep 2014


I know many skills across different proficiency levels.

I host services on my debian cloud server that simplify and automate my life, you can request for access.


Institution Country Major Year Result
Swansea University UK 🇬🇧 Msc. Advanced Computer Science 2015 - 2017 Distinction
Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore 🇸🇬 Dip. Information Technology 2012 - 2015 GPA 3.69/4.00
Stanford University1 US 🇺🇸 Machine Learning 2016 Certificate
Wharton School1 US 🇺🇸 Entrepreneurship 2016 Certificate 1 Certificate 2
Princeton University1 US 🇺🇸 Algorithms 2016 -null pointer-2


  • For my masters dissertation, my supervisors said:

    This is perhaps the best taught MSc project I have ever seen.  It’s excellent work.

    Dr. Robert S. Laramee, Associate Professor, Swansea University

    Of a very high standard is the handling of the special situations, with its many details, and the integration into visualisation methods. A complete and useful software tool has been produced.

    Dr. Oliver Kullmann, Associate Professor, Swansea University

  • For my academic performance, my lecturers said:

    He was very driven and strived hard in his study. He worked well with team and was able to achieve goals set out by the project.

    Mr. Law Chee Yong, Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

    He is hard working and has a positive attitude towards his studies. He has always scored good grades.

    Mr. Loh Kuan Pang, Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

  • For my internship performance, my supervisors said:

    He has demonstrated excellent learning attitude, vast knowledge and skills on programming. He also displayed initiative by constantly seeking feedback.

    Mr. Justin Chua, Principal GeoSpatial Consultant, Singapore Land Authority


Organisation Country Contribution Year
Food from the Heart Singapore 🇸🇬 A web portal for Food Stock, Delivery Schedule and Volunteer Schedule Management 3 Apr 2014 – Sep 2014


For more details, please email me or visit my LinkedIn profile.

  1. Course was taken on Coursera, a learning platform offers online courses from universities and organisations. As of Oct 2017, Coursera has more than 28 million registered users and more than 2,000 courses. ↩ ↩2 ↩3

  2. This course does not offer a certificate upon completion. ↩

  3. The project is still actively maintained by students from Nanyang Polytechnic. ↩